Stephen Goldfinch - From stem cell scammer to stalker - Can he win the SC Senate race


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Another nasty chapter in the life of stem cell scammer Stephen Goldfinch. When he's not blaming others for his misdeeds, he apparently enjoys stalking and killing helpless creatures. Voters in South Carolina should send him packing. And why on earth would Nikki Haley endorse someone who plead guilty to federal charges? Is there a lack of honest candidates in South Carolina?


The undated images (see link below) show the Goldfinches posing over various animals allegedly shot and killed on “big game” hunts in Africa. Screen caps provided with the images include Goldfinch discussing his exploits – bragging about his kills and the weapons used to take them down.

“The lower visability (sic) ended up being a less of a hinderance (sic) and more of an advantage with the extra cover,” the user alleged to be Goldfinch wrote in one of the posts. “It allowed us to stalk very close to animlas (sic) that one would have never gotten close to in the Winter time.”

In one of the captures, the user alleged to be Goldfinch offered to sell a “problem animal control” (or PAC) elephant hunting trophy fee for $6,000.

Interesting …

Goldfinch, of course, is the liberal “Republican” establishment’s candidate of choice for the S.C. Senate seat being vacated by longtime tax-and-spender Ray Cleary. He’s also the guy who found himself in all sorts of legal trouble two-and-a-half years ago over a controversial stem cell scam (one exclusively exposed by this website).

Oh, there was also this treasure hunting fiasco …

Goldfinch pleaded guilty to federal charges in the aftermath of the stem cell debacle … but he was able to hold onto his seat thanks to an endorsement from S.C. governor Nikki Haley.

Will he be able to win Cleary’s seat? Who knows …

In a state like South Carolina (where hunting is commonplace), it’s doubtful Goldfinch’s African safari exploits will hurt him – even though big game hunting has become incredibly controversial in the aftermath of last year’s shooting of Cecil the Lion.

Our view on the subject?

“God gave human beings dominion over animals – although we believe hunting for sport is entirely inconsistent with the Biblical notion of stewardship (or love for Mother Earth or whatever you want to call it),” we wrote. “It’s unnecessary cruelty – killing for killing’s sake.”

SC Rep To Plead Guilty To Federal Charges
26 Nov 2013

S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch (RINO-Georgetown) will plead guilty to federal charges in connection with his role in a stem cell harvesting operation.

Goldfinch’s role in this criminal enterprise – first exposed by FITS – has now been confirmed by The Georgetown (S.C.) Times.

In an interview with the paper, Goldfinch blamed his forthcoming guilty plea on Dr. Vincent Dammai – a Texas-based molecular biologist and former Medical University of South Carolina professor who pleaded guilty this summer to a misdemeanor charge of “mislabeling” stem cells.

“Unfortunately, the FDA regulations differ from state laws, and provide that partners, like myself, are responsible for their employees or independent contractors, regardless of knowledge or intent,” Goldfinch told the paper. “Therefore, I will have no choice but to plead guilty, since I was a partner and did have responsibility for my wayward contractor.”

Dammai has vigorously protested his innocence in the matter – and sources familiar with the scam tell FITS he was duped into participating by Goldfinch. They say Goldfinch concocted an elaborate plot to profit from the illegal organ trade while pinning the blame for everything on Dammai in the event something went wrong – which it clearly did.

As noted in our original report, the stem cells involved in this scam were obtained through two Conway, S.C. birthing clinics – and routed through MUSC. Sources tell FITS public funds may have been misappropriated in connection with the operation.

Goldfinch was elected to his seat last November, replacing a solid free market supporter – Kevin Ryan. Until this scandal broke, he was best known for his efforts to purchase the Charleston School of Law with public money.

UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long … the chairman of the Georgetown County Republican Party has issued a statement on Goldfinch’s behalf in response to the charges. Its relevant passage: “Representative Goldfinch continues to be an outstanding legislator and represents well the people and concerns of his constituents in the 108th District. His record of accomplishment has far exceeded that typically achieved by freshman legislators. By accepting responsibility and bringing this matter to a swift conclusion, it will not be a distraction from his work as the General Assembly reconvenes in January.”


Stephen Goldfinch Is A Smooth Criminal
26 Nov 2013

We knew months ago that freshman S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch (RINO-Georgetown) was no friend of the taxpayer.

Seriously … anybody who wants to add schools to the Palmetto State’s hopelessly bloated system of higher education clearly has his priorities WAY out of whack.

A true free market conservative would support privatizing the whole damn system and being done with it …

But Goldfinch isn’t just a typical South Carolina “Republican in Name Only.” He’s a much more dangerous animal – as evidenced by his diabolically skillful handling of a looming federal indictment.

For those of you just catching up to this story, FITS exclusively reported seven weeks ago that Goldfinch was at the heart of a federal investigation into the illegal harvesting of stem cells. This week, Goldfinch for the first time confirmed the existence of this probe – and announced his plan to plead guilty to a pair of charges related to it.

Why now?

Glad you asked: Let’s examine the many instances of evil genius associated with this white collar hoodlum’s “confession.”

First is timing. Goldfinch leaked the news of his impending guilty plea so that it would appear in newspapers the day before Thanksgiving – i.e. a national “travel day” (when next to no one is following the news).

Second is venue. Goldfinch leaked the story to his hometown paper, ensuring the first mainstream media account of the scandal would be as favorable to his version of events as possible.

Third is coordination. Within minutes of the news about Goldfinch breaking, the local “Republican” party in Georgetown County had issued a press release praising his service and urging support for him.

Fourth is blame. While the last line of Goldfinch’s statement talks about “taking responsibility,” virtually every other line in his press release blames someone else for the fiasco – which we’re told is completely inconsistent with what really happened.

Fifth – and most importantly – is definition. Goldfinch has defined the terms of this scandal in a vacuum. Until federal authorities actually indict Goldfinch (and list the specific charges they are filing against him), we have no idea whether he is telling us the whole truth about his plea agreement. But Goldfinch has – for the initial news cycle anyway – framed everything according to his version of events.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Stephen Goldfinch, everybody. Smooth criminal.


More Trouble For Stephen Goldfinch
28 Dec 2013

S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch (RINO-Georgetown) is already under federal indictment for his role in an illegal stem cell operation … now the “Republican” lawmaker is facing a breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit for his role in a treasure hunting scam.

You read that right … a treasure hunting scam.

According to court documents uncovered by The Brownsville (Texas) Herald, Goldfinch conned treasure hunter William E. Kenon of Port Isabel, Texas – who is now suing the shady lawmaker for $200 million.

“Goldfinch told Mr. Kenon he was a lawyer and a state legislator who was also a diver and treasure hunter,” the complaint states. “Goldfinch told Mr. Kenon he knew of two other (unknown) shipwrecks which could be salvaged, and he had a money-making proposition for Mr. Kenon: Goldfinch could provide Kenon with his secret knowledge about the wrecks, provide divers for the Rio Bravo, and Goldfinch and Mr. Kenon could make a lot of money.”

Kenon and Goldfinch met in September 2012, at which point the suit claims “Goldfinch reiterated he was a South Carolina lawyer and influential state legislator who was very knowledgeable about shipwrecks and diving, and he had a knack for business deals. He bragged about making 5 million dollars off the sale and distribution of stem cells in Texas.”

Hmmmm … wonder if the federal agents investigating Goldfinch’s role in the stem cell scam know about that claim?

Goldfinch is also accused of offering to use his “influence as a powerful lawyer and state legislator” to get Kenon access to explore South Carolina’s inland waterways.

According to Kenon’s complaint, Goldfinch recommended the two incorporate under a finder’s agreement – however Goldfinch drafted a separate incorporation agreement that enabled him and another partner to cut Kenon out of the company.

“Mr. Kenon repeatedly requested Goldfinch re-draft the Operating Agreement to be consistent with the original Finders Agreement, but he refused to do so,” the complaint alleges. “Instead, Goldfinch emphasized that he was a very powerful lawyer and legislator in South Carolina, and if Mr. Kenon wanted Goldfinch out of the picture, it was going to cost Mr. Kenon money to take him out.”

Wow …

FITS became wise to Goldfinch this year when he proposed that Palmetto State taxpayers subsidize yet another institution of higher learning – the Charleston School of Law. We were also the first outlet to report on his stem cell scam.

As far as we’re concerned, he is the definition of “a piece of work” and has no business holding a position of public trust …

Of course neither does South Carolina’s governor, Speaker of the House, etc., etc., etc.