Stem Cells Treatment in India


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Hi guys,

Iam new here and I would like to share an experience

I went to India about 7 weeks ago to treat my CMT disease. I met doctor Sanjay Mongia in India who explained to me that he will do wharton Jelly Stem Cells Transplant

His Site is

He inserted the stem cells through my hand vanes. We made three sessions and every session about 100,000 cells are inserted in my body

He explained to me that I will feel improvement after 8 weeks (which is one week from now)

Upto now I don't feel any change :mad:

I wish somebody here explains to me why the stem cells need 8 weeks to make new cells in my body?


Hi Lucas,

Firstly, im sorry to hear that you have had no positive results so far. I hear different things about stem cells, that you may results immediatley, or may gradualy come over a period of 6 months. So dont feel low at the moment. I know this as i have spoken to doctors in the stem cell area - people from India and china and UK (where im from).

My child has suddenly lost her hearing and i am thinking of getting her stem cell treatment. So im looking at India, South America or Far Asia.

What made you choose India?? Where abouts in the Clinic and what did they charge you??



Takes a few weeks

The stem cells first attach to the damaged tissue and take weeks to regenerate tissue. Results from my son's own treatment did not become evident until the second month.


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Some patients claim to initially feel a change almost immediately. I believe that has to do with reducing inflammation and nothing else. Repair takes time. Thank you for posting and please continue to let us hear from you.

I did contact the member who had treatment from Dr. Kadish and asked if he would post. I have not heard from him since before his treatment, so I can only ask. I have no more information on how it went for him.


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Thanks Guys,

Yes Brabara, I'm planning to wait for about 2 more months, if there is no result, Then I'll go to Doc. Kadish

Thats why it is important for me to hear about his treatment

I might go after two months


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Dear Barbara,

You said that one of the forum members visited Dr. Kadish to treat his CMT

Did you received any news about him

Do you know any other patient visited or want to visit him



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I did not hear back from the patient. I will send an e-mail to Dr. Kadish asking how many with CMT he has treated and if he is doing follow ups with those patients.


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there is a dr. francisco chung who is doing stemcell work here in the philippines with several institutions and hospitals - you might want to try googling him and his work, i think it stated that he is a molecular biologist and is working with a dr. eric flores right now at the makati medical center. an article came out in the phil, daily inquirer recently. sorry i dont have the link. i had the good fortune of speaking with dr. chung 2 years ago when he was doing clinical trials on lung cancer and he told me he was still looking for funding for copd trials. he must be doing work on other diseases as well. then there is dr. samuel bernal at the medical city hospital. he too is credited with curing people's cancers. you might want to try and get in touch with them both.


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Response from Dr. Kadish

Lucas - Dr. Kadish replied promptly. My suggestion would be to contact him if you would like to speak or correspond with the patients he mentions. One of them is the member I was trying to get in touch with. I have not included their names, but Dr. Kadish has offered to put anyone in touch with them if requested.

Here is the message he sent me.

Indeed we have been seeing many more of the CMT patients and to give you an idea of the changes I've attached a number of follow up e-mails. W. saw response in 3 days as did G. another excellent contact person. G's latest e-mail is attached below. W. had his first nights, in many years, without painful sensations in his feet, upon awakening. We have video interview of these folks and will endeavor to get you a copy ASAP.

We added an excellent physiatrist specialist physician to our staff who is a master of the EMG and just "gets" neuromuscular disorders. He has been involved in the evaluation, examinations and exercise followups with these patients.

As a note this is a portion of what is contained in our letter to our prospective patients.

Another CMT patient, B. has noted positive change. I have attached his progress reports for your review and would direct you to weeks four and five where he is starting to see muscle increases in his lower legs , along with a better gait. He can now negotiate stairs, without limitation, which was a significant difficulty prior to the treatment. We saw G., also a CMT patient, who was able to see a change in his gait, warmth and sensation in his lower legs, 3 days post treatment. W. noted a change in sensory upset in his lower limbs, within 3 days. He was pain free upon awakening for the first time in years. B. our youngest CMT patient noted a positive change in his gait, 4 days post treatment. And has shown improvements in his EMG study of his lower extremities.

I know that these gentlemen would be happy to speak to other patients. However I do not want to place their e-mails and/or phone numbers on a public post.

Another one of the most exciting aspects of our treatment has been the independent followup with EMG studies which will now be done in house, as well as by the patients PCP/Neurologist. We just received confirmation of our last CMT patients positive changes. This Egyptian boys changes as positive with the same physician and machine for EMG neurological positive

I trust this addresses your question. Always available for questions......

Dr. Alan Kadish
World Stem Cells, LLC
23110 State Road 54
Lutz ., Florida 33549

Here's an e-mail he included from a patient treated at his clinic.

Hi Dr. Kadish,

I want to update you on my progress since my treatment in mid February.

While still in Cancun I experienced very early sensations in my feet. The sensations covered everything from pin-prick pain, to muscle throb, to sensations of touch and movement. It was like my brain/spine was sending signals to my feet that my feet was having trouble understanding the message. Also, the numbness in the soles of my feel seemed to be less.
Since Cancun I have been on a regimented stationary-bike and balance ball exercise program. My strength is increasing. My walking has improved, better some days than others. I need to learn how to walk again. The muscle memory that goes into walking without thinking is slowly returning. The one area that has not improved as must as I would like is my stamina. I cannot walk more than 100 - 150 feet and my legs (especially the right leg) screams out in pain like I had just ran a 200 meter race. For referrence, my left leg has always been stronger than the right leg. On the excercise bike I can pedal harder with the left and observe the left leg tires out first.
Every other measure of my physical health is very good (heart rate, blood pressure, weight, down ~ 12 lbs.) except for my blood-sugar. It remains stuck in the 150 region and none of the medicines I have tried (2 so far) seem to help.
I believe that my low testosterone might be the culprit. I'm scheduled to see my Wellness Doctor next week.
72 years ago I out grew my tricycle. I have asked for a new 3-wheeler for my up coming birthday. I hope to increase my workouts with a new toy. My balance might be good enough for my current dirt bike, but I could get myself in a difficult situation, so the 3-wheeler should be the safe and sane answer.
Progress is very slow, I'm still using my braces in my shoes and my cane. The cane is more of a confidence crutch than a needed support device. Most of the time I walk without the cane around the house.
If this was a baseball game, I believe I am around first base. Whether I will improve enough to get all the way around to home plate is very much in doubt at this time. I intend to get there, but this soon to be 75 year old body does not take orders very well.
That is all for now. I will keep you updated as things change.


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I contacted Dr. Kadish and he explained to me everything about his treatment. He is a very cooperative man

but I would like to see patients impressions about his treatment


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Ask Dr. Kadish to put you in touch with them. Patient W. is a member of this forum. I believe he would be truthful about his treatment, but it would be best for you to work with Dr. Kadish to get introduced to him. He said he thought the patients would be glad to correspond with you, so please just ask him to get you in contact with them.


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I already sent him an Email asking to give me his patients contacts

I am still waiting his reply

If anybody in this forum tried his treatment, can update us with the results

His treatment costing 15,000 $ and thats why I want to be sure of what Iam doing

I might visit his within next month


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Lucas - I contacted Dr.Kadish and he said he is current in all his responses to patients who are interested in treatment for CMT. He asked me to request that you resend your request to him. I would put Attn: Dr. Kadish, your name and Stem Cell Pioneer member in the subject line. That should make it clear that you are the one I e-mailed him about.


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we are in touch and he just sent me an EMG Report of a young guy who is diagnosed with CMT

My Real Name is Nasir and I just contacted him and willing to go as soon as possible

When I come back I'll update this forum with the results

Thanks Barb