Stem cells for babies ‘ruined by failed lab’


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One might expect this from a third world country, but Scotland????

Ian Marland
April 2 2018
The Times

The cells were intented to help fight serious illness later in life

Stem cells that were due to be frozen to help newborn babies fight serious illness in later life were ruined because a laboratory in Scotland ran out of basic supplies, it has been claimed.

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) is investigating allegations that blood samples from three women in southeast England were left to deteriorate in a fridge because staff did not have essential kits to test the quality.

According to The Sunday Times, whistleblowers who worked at Precious Cells International (PCI) said concerns were raised last month yet samples were still sent to its laboratory at BioCity Scotland, near Motherwell. HTA compliance officers were sent to PCI’s Scottish offices on Thursday. It is understood that frozen samples had been stored in accordance with regulations.

PCI had contracts with NHS trusts in England to build a public stem cell bank. It emerged last week that it was going into administration.