Stem Cell Paste


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Hello Everyone,
I haven't posted here for more than 6months. I recently received stem cell paste injection for my chronic neuropathic pelvic pain. Dr. Malan of Scottsdale, AZ harvested 70 million plus stem cells from mini lipo-suction of my abdominal adipose tissue. He told me that the stem cells would expand 4cm at the injection site. The stem cells would stay at that site for 2years. The stem cells will be healing & combating inflammation of my pudendal neuropathy. It has been 7days since the procedure. I have soreness & pressure at the area of the injection. Plus mild spasms & tingling. But no burning pelvic pain! I'm hoping to start weaning off my intrathecal pump next week. I text Dr. Malan regarding the spasms & tingling. Dr. Malan told me that all is good.He also said that this paste can be used for joints too. Even if there is no cartilage in the joint. The stem cells will grow new cartilage. This is the future of Medicine.