Stem cell paste injection


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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let anyone who suffers from joint & disc problems about the new procedure of stem cell paste injection . I have lived with chronic neuropathic pelvic pain for the past 20years. I developed pudendal neuropathy after a vaginal hysterectomy due to a vaginal cuff abscess. I've tried everything from surgery, medications, nerve blocks, neurostimulators, cryosurgery, radio frequency, injections, & intrathecal pump. I recently received a stem cell paste injection into my damaged pudendal nerve area. The stem cells will stay at that site for 2years. The stem cells will be healing and combating inflammation/pain during that time period. . The stem cells will expand to 4cm at the injection site. The stem cells will contain a very high concentration of stem cells. No added chemicals, enzymes or other substances are in the stem cell paste injection. Dr. Todd Malan of Scottsdale AZ harvested 70million stem cells from my abdominal adipose tissue through a mini lipo-suction. Then the stem cells are separated & counted by computerized equipment. It has been 13days since the stem cell paste injection into my damaged pudendal nerve area. I only feel pressure, tingling, and mild pelvic spasms. Which Dr. Malan told me that this is normal after a injection. Dr. Malan told me that this stem cell paste injection can also be injected into any disc or joint. Even if the disc is bulging, herniated, or ruptured completely. Even if there is no cartilage in the joint. The stem cells will be healing any disc problems. The stem cells will grow new cartilage for that joint. If you would like more information about the stem cell paste injection, please send me a message. Also you can read of a news article on a Brentwood woman who walks again after receiving stem cell therapy by Dr.Todd Malan of Scottsdale AZ.