Stem cell paste injection for nerve, disc, & joint pain


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Hello Everyone, I haven't posted in over a year. I recently had another stem cell paste injection into my damaged pelvic nerve again. The previous stem cell paste injection lasted 19 months in relieving my pelvic pain. My pelvic pain broke through in August. However the intensity wasn't severe. I haven't taken any oral narcotics in 19 months. I'm to remove my intrathecal pain pump next month. Dr. Malan harvested the adipose stem cells from my abdomen through a mini-liposuction. Then the stem cells were separated from the fat tissue through computerized equipment. The stem cells are in a paste form for Injection. My hips, knees, & pelvic nerve were injected with the stem cell paste. My joints feel great! This stem cell therapy should be available to all in clinics. But unfortunately that's not the real world.


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It is indeed a sad state of affairs that treatment isn't widely available and not covered by most all insurance plans. I am glad that you have finally found a treatment for your pelvic pain. You have suffered so long with it. I think most severe and chronic diseases need follow up treatments. For me, that's been the case anyway. I had another treatment in June and in just a couple of days felt so much better. Unfortunately, the doctor who administered my treatment says he may have to stop doing so because of the FDA's new guidelines. He also said the state medical boards were highly critical of stem cell therapies in general.