Stem cell paste injection for nerve, disc, & joint pain


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Hello Everyone, I want to share with you about my recent stem cell paste injection into my lower back disc at L5S1. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in 1993. I also suffered with sciatica. On June 15,2017, Dr. Todd Malan of Scottsdale AZ harvested stem cells from my abdominal adipose tissue through a mini lipo-suction. The stem cells were separated & counted by computerized equipment. Next the stem cells were formed into a paste without any additional chemicals, enzymes, or substance. This paste contains a very high concentration of stem cells (millions). Once injected, the stem cells will stay at the injection site for 2years. The stem cells will be healing and combating inflammation/ pain. I felt immediate pain relief with the injection. The cost is far less than expensive back surgery. This stem cell paste can be injected into any arthritic joint. The stem cells grow new cartilage for that joint. This is God's Miracle Medicine! If you would like more information about the stem cell paste injection, please send me a message. Take care......Peg


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Thank you peg for your continued information about this treatment. It is greatly appreciated.