stem cell hospital in the philippines


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Unlike the U.S., this clinic is using manipulation to expand the stem cells giving higher numbers for infusion. If this is done properly with safety being the utmost concern, to me, this makes treatment more relevant. It would be nice to know of anyone that has been treated there. A lot of adipose clinics are popping up all over the world. With the increase in volume of people being treated with adipose derived stem cell therapy, we should be hearing more about the outcomes and yet I find very little on the internet and virtually nothing on this forum from members who have had adipose treatment. That is one good thing about clinical trials - they do at least produce data that can be used to determine the efficacy of the treatment. Otherwise, all that there is is a bunch of clinics popping up all touting the virtues of a certain type of therapy with no clinical evidence to back it up. This makes it confusing for patients to know whether or not they need to seek out a certain type of therapy for their condition and if treatment without manipulation will produce any significant improvement. I am not saying it won't, but there just isn't enough information out there to make clear choices most of the time. It would be nice if more doctors would start tracking their patients instead of just treating them and sending them home. By follow up, I don't mean an e-mail or a phone call to see how the patient is feeling, I mean having a means to measure the patient post treatment for several months. ICMS provides doctors with this type of clinical registry, but many doctors are far too interested in the monetary side of the industry to worry about the scientific side. Big losers as always are the patients.