SeaChange Therapeutics now offering CBD oil


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SeaChange Therapeutics (our webstore that helps support this forum) is now offering CBD oil. We have personally tested this oil and were pleased with the quality and the ensuing results. My husband and 16 year old dog both have arthritis which can be very painful at times. He uses the 3000 mg twice a day and I give her 10-12 drops of the 500 mg twice a day. Both have shown much improvement.

I use the 3000 mg as well. I don't have arthritis, but it helps with relaxation and sleep. There is ZERO THC in it. It's GMO free, grown in the U.S. and is compliant with all state and federal legislation. We thoroughly researched different brands before decided on this one. There is no substitute for quality and these products are certainly top of the line.

If you are confused by the different strengths, the 500 mg is for those who may just be beginning to use CBD oil or those with mild pain or pets. The 1000 mg is the next step up that most who started with the 500 mg take and the 3000 mg is for those like my husband who need the maximum strength to get the best results. The sleep tabs are just as described - they should help you get a good night's rest.

For a limited time we are offering 10% off of all the pain products we offer. Use promo code CBD316 if ordering online or mention it if you order by phone. Our number is 303-986-2811, Monday-Friday 10 AM-6:30 PM EST. You may order online 24/7.