Hello everyone, I just want to thank all of you for leading me to the group - Stem Cell Biotherapy. I know it has given a chance at life that I thought would be over in the near future. I just got back from SanDiego and that whole trip was just perfect. Everything fell into place, no problems any where from the air port to the hotel to the treatment, back to the hotel and then back to the air port. And, the fruit basket was a very nice touch. I was worried for nothing, it couldn't have been better. No matter what, I just can't say enough about the whole experience, AND! you gotta love the doctor. Wonderful careing man. Thank you everybody. Patty


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Fruit Basket? The times they are a changing

Patty - I can't believe you got a fruit basket. Things are getting better. When Jeannine and I got our treatment, we got to go look for food in the middle of the night at a gas station! I am glad everything went well for you. Thanks for posting.