Ryan Custer may join stem cell study


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By Natalie Tendall
April 17, 2017


CINCINNATI, Ohio (WDTN) – The Wright State basketball player who injured his spinal cord during an accident at a party this month is getting some much needed good news.

According to a post on Facebook, Ryan Custer might be participating in a medical research study that could help with his recovery.

Custer’s Recovery Care page says Ryan has been approved to participate in a stem cell study at Rush University in Chicago. This, after he shattered his c5 vertebrae jumping into a makeshift pool at a party in Oxford.

The study would use human embryonic stem cells to see if they help patients who’ve had spinal cord injuries like Custer.
According to the study’s webpage called SCI star, early lab studies have shown the cells promote partial repair of damaged cord tissue.

There is a time frame for this study. The injection has to be done within 30 days of the injury and those patients must be screened earlier than that. That means Custer needs to be in Chicago for treatment in the next few weeks.

The Facebook page says as soon as Ryan is able to travel, they will head there. We did reach out to the Rush University. They cannot confirm Ryan has been accepted into the study.

Custer’s dad is expected to give an update on Ryan’s condition Tuesday afternoon.