Round 3 & 4


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Received my 3 rd and 4 th round of therapy on the 1-15-08 and 1-16-08. Saw some imediate reactions. First morning woke up very light headed lasted about 10 minutes (hopefully this was the cells entering the brain). Next possability started with discomfort in the lower back and upper legs by the 4 rth day it was very painful, had to use some over the counter medicine to help offset it. By the 7 th day all pain had gone away. I feel the cells went to work quickly on this trip. Along with these indicators, I have had a slight improvement in my vision (a little more clarity but still at about 60%) & am still headache free. Constant pain in forearms appears to have gone away with this treatment (have started reducing my nerve pain medicine so far by 33% will continue to reduce as time goes on). Last but not least I feel better than I have in years.

I know that the cells have fixed several things, but can't be positive as to what they are doing for CMT. I have scheduled test for early May to run the electro conductivity test on my nerves. Hopefully I will see some documented proof that they are working on nerve regeneration. Pending the results of these test I may persue additional treatments.

My only regret is that this is my last scheduled treatment. I have met some wonderful people on my trips and feel I have made a group of new friends.

I will add posting if anything else new comes to play and will for sure update based on my future test.

johnny5 if your still around, stay tuned for the final analysis sometime in May.


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JP - I have heard you are very popular with everyone where you went for treatment. I was given a glowing report about you. I am very happy to hear that you feel that the treatments have helped you and who knows what the future may bring as far as more progress and new discoveries. I'll bet you were pretty miserable in the first few days. Probably wondering what you had done to yourself. Thankfully all of that went away. Thanks for the update.