Round 2


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Hi, All,

I completed round 2 of the clinical test using autologous stem cells which are called a "blastomere like stem cell" on 11-13-08. As those of you that have read my other post know, I had extremly good sucess on my first round. Major improvements in joint pain, vision & Headaches.

Just as an update, my vision continues to improve, almost alll the way across my eye now. Only problem is darkness doesn't seem to draw in enough light yet. I plan on hunting around and starting a new thread on vision & my results. Come to find out I have already found a person that had a similar problem with one of her eyes (she is highly considering the treatment). The other positive thing about the eye improvement is that it is a nerve. Maybe not the same kind of nerve as my disease but still a nerve.

My joints, just don't have any pain any more. Not sure if this pain was related to my disease or not. I do know that it seemed to be getting worse everday up until my treatment. May have been a touch of Arthritis. Either way, I am glad it is gone, sure improves the sleeping habits.

My headaches are amazing, I have had headaches for years, almost everday. For the first four years after my diagnosis for CMT the doctor treated it as in relation to that disease. Last year, when they contiued he ran a Cat Scan and found an oversized artery between the 2 parts of the brain. He told me it was a stroke waiting to happen and put me on blood thinners immediatly. He also felt like that was a major contirbutor to my headaches. Anyway, my Stem Cell Dr. said we could have very well repaired the artery with the first treatment by rebuilding the muscle mass surrounding it. Will verify with a Cat Scan after I have completed all of my treatments, probably in about 6 - 7 months.

One other great side effect I hope stays around for some time, is I feel great.

Met a Sweet lady from Hawaii takeing the treatment while I was there, if by some chance her daughter is a member, contact me, I would like to keep up with her results.

As I notice additonal changes or improvements I will continue to give updates. Glad to know a couple of other CMT people are now on board and studying stem cells. If I can be of any help, let me know.



great post, good to know that you're getting these improvements, I hope you continue to improve.


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AWESOME, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, WOW AND all other good things JP. I truly hope that you continue to have good results. I am leaving this Saturday for my second autologous treatment in California. I hope the fires subside out there as I am going to Orange County. I will have my treatment on Monday morning. I have another big bruise on my leg, just like the last time, however my swan didn't do this one. I have no clue where it came from, but it will be gone by next Tuesday, guaranteed. Stem cell therapy takes bruises away instantly. I will keep everyone posted just as you have done JP. I have been missing for a few days. My husband gave me a lovely gift of intestinal flu just when I didn't need it as I was trying to get everything organized and ready to go for the trip. Anyway, I am feeling much better today and will now be playing catch up. I will keep in touch while away. Thank you so much for posting this very encouraging information. Just to get rid of constant headaches and arthritis is certainly something that will better anyone's life.


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Good Luck


Best of luck on your treatment. Looks like fires are subsiding, they were just getting started as I left. Best advice I ever got was from you on this treatment. Now if it will just handle the initial problem and I have a feeling it is working on it.



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JP - You have made me feel really good tonight by saying that and I hope that you continue to see more and more improvements. What a real shame that someone who could pull strings with the government doesn't get on this forum and read some of the posts.

I am going to stop off in Phoenix on my way home for some bird watching and will get to meet Lee who is a forum member and his wife which I am very excited about. So you just never know, I may be in your neighborhood some day and you can buy me lunch. How's that for a deal?


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It is great to hear your good news. And I am gald there is something like this available out there. Unfortunately, I am in Canada and ining the time to travel back and forth is difficult. But I think based on your results it is a no brainer. Thanks for posting and keep us all updated!