Red flag warning is still in effect for Stem Cell Biotherapy (SCB)


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Recently, one of our members forwarded me some information concerning Regenecell's announcement that they would be doing stem cell treatment in Tijuana using the same doctor and hospital as Stem Cell Biotherapy (SCB). I contacted Dr. Peimer and asked if this was totally separate from SCB. I didn't get a reply so I e-mailed him again. Today, I did get a reply from his brother who is the administrator at Regenecell and he said that it was a referral situation they had agreed upon with SCB and that Dr. Peimer would contact me later as he was out of town. I am really not clear on why SCB would be sending referrals to Regenecell when SCB operates in Tijuana and therefore I must again wave the red flag on this new venture that SCB and Regenecell are undertaking. SCB still is not producing certification for the purity of cells and there are many reports of illness from patients that have gone there. I personally got ill. There are also rumors of lawsuits and allegations of switched protocols. These are allegations, but you should take them seriously. In my opinion, why risk it? Why pay a company to possibly make you more ill than you were before treatment? It makes no sense. Until there is proof of a complete turnaround in policy and each patient is given the certification and source of the cells, I caution everyone to look elsewhere for treatment.

Update: I did receive an e-mail from Dr. Peimer who evidently was not aware of any problems. He is looking into it and will contact me again. I will keep members informed. This red flag warning does not apply to Regenecell, but I would extend it to that company if it looks like they are going to be tied in with SCB and that there will be no changes in policy.
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