Re.. Concerned Biologist!!!


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someone calling himself con_cerned bio of johannesburg south africa posted on that concerned biologist is called mark kramf, and that he was fired by medistem and that he has personal problems he refuses to acknowledge l dont know how true this is or why con_cerned bio wont say who he is!!!


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The Concerned Biologist returns

It sounds like "concerned" biologist has a lot to say, but doesn't want anyone to know who he is. This sends up a red flag to me that the whole thing could be due to his getting canned. Sour grapes possibly? Revenge in his own little way? Who knows. I cannot give much credence to someone who goes about downgrading companies without coming clean as to who he is and how he got his information. He could have good information but he loses me when he does no more than sling accusations and hide behind the name, "Concerned Biologist".
Sounds like he needs a new hobby or better yet a full time job to occupy his idle time.