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re: autism!!!

Hi, I am from the CP stem cell forum, but I have Lyme Disease and have been researching it, but if you have a child with autism, please google autism-Lyme Disease link, very important yet controversial correlation. I am sorry if I am violating anything here! Good luck with your stem cell research!:)


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This forum is different from others. We very, very rarely censor or moderate posts to the extent you are talking about. What you have posted is excellent advice in my opinion. For newbies, the only thing we ask (other than no profanity or name calling) is that you do not post websites or phone numbers for individual clinics and doctors. It is perfectly alright to use their names and the name of their clinics in your posts or sites for associations that could help someone get additional information about their disease. We found that the posting of websites and phone numbers for stem cell doctors and clinics encouraged a large amount of sales reps and promotional posts that were posted in the guise of coming from an individual. I have seen some forums so over moderated that there was no information of value to be had on them. That's a real sad state of affairs if you ask me.