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This blog is getting funnier every day. The anti stem cell crew is all over the board using all the same old tactics - unsafe, snake oil, one bad treatment could ruin the industry, cruel to put children through it, can't work for Alzheimer's and diseases such as MS, and on and on. One anti-person that posted went so far as to claim that Dr. Centeno did not really know what he was talking about. One claimed that maybe in the future after years of clinical research that there may be evidence that might warrant someone trying treatment, but as I pointed out there won't be a future for many if they would have to wait that long. Dr. Payne sent me an update on the Alzheimer's patient that was treated at Nepsis. I was going to post it in the company promo section, however, since this blog claims Alzheimer's cannot be helped at all with stem cell therapy, I have decided to post it here. Make sure to visit the blog if you are having trouble sleeping because it has now turned into a major bore of righteous indignation that any of us that are for stem cell treatment are not listening to those opposed. Again, if any of these so called scientists had more than a paper cut, they might seem more credible. Dr. Young, who suffers from several horrific diseases, is a well respected stem cell researcher and he adamantly believes in their ability to heal. By the way, he is doing much better I am pleased to announce. Here is the link again just in case you have insomnia:

Testimonial from the Nepsis site:

MM, 75, Alzheimer's disease, stage 7. Mrs. M came to treatment racked by the inability to recall things she had asked about or been told moments before as well as a persistent sense of dread and free floating anxiety. Her devoted 80 year old husband, a retired farmer, was becoming progressively exhausted trying keep up with his ailing wife's day-to-day needs such as feeding, grooming, dressing, and medicating her. Mrs. M's decline was, in fact, taking a toll on Mr. M's own health. On May 29th Mrs. M had an infusion of autologous bone marrow-derived stem & precursor cells into her CNS (Central Nervous System). On June 11th Mr. M spoke with Nepsis Institute's Dr. Payne and reported the following:
* He (Mr. M) took his wife to a have a regular chiropractic treatment. Prior to this and for a year or more previously Mrs. M would go to the clinic and promptly forget she had ever been there. This time, however, she looked around and said, "I've been here before."
* Mr. M took his wife to visit an old home that had once lived in. Prior to this he had driven her past this house but his wife had failed to recall much about it. This time, however she mentioned recalling a number of "new" things.
* Mr. M as well as Mrs. M's chiropractor both observed improvements in her ability to form cogent sentences. She was, as Mr. M put it, "forming more rational sentences".
* Mrs. M recovered an interest in intimacy with her husband, something she had not shown in a very long time.
* Mrs. M, who previously would get annoyed and agitated whenever her grandchildren came over to her house and make noise and such, now displays a calm demeanor in their presence.
* Mrs. M's free floating anxiety appears to be lessening in intensity. In fact, she is now displaying periods in which she expresses no anxiety at all.