Premature babies and Dr Thebaud


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This is good news for all premature babies born with lung disorders.

OTTAWA — Dr. Bernard Thebaud believes he can use the “healing juices” from stem cells — the much ballyhooed future of modern medicine — to rejuvenate the lungs of premature babies.

The renowned neonatologist and scientist has proven his treatment works in rats in Edmonton, and in a baboon in San Antonio, Texas. Next, he will design clinical trials to test his pioneering therapy in babies in Ottawa.

Dr. Thebaud is the latest recruit to the Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

Lured here from the University of Alberta, Dr. Thebaud hopes that within five years he can take his research from “bench to bedside” by launching the first clinical trials in newborns.

He believes his therapy, derived from stem cells isolated from discarded umbilical cords, can help people suffering from other lung diseases, such as asthma and fibrosis.

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I have read this before and wondered what he meant by juices. It's a strange term. I even sent him an e-mail and asked, but got no reply.


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Yes it is a strange term to use . Could he have meant the trophic factors/ growth factors from the stem cells? I know of 2 children who were treated in Panama for Autism and found that their Asthma has also gone or improved alot. They were treated with cord blood stem cells.