Possible borderline Sjogrens Syndrome


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I have possible borderline Sjogrens Syndrome as posted elsewhere this forum:


Which begs the question - why stem cell clinics are also so exclusive - recognizing illnesses such as MS, Parkinsons, etc. to the exclusion of Sjogrens and others.

And what if you have borderline conditions? Is it fair to be left in the lurch?
And what if you have fibromyalgia? electrosensitivity? I have those too.
And what if you have severe pain albeit not given a name (as used to be the case for FM?

It reminds me of way back when I was in first grade. The asinine teacher grouped the class into seperate reading groups according to how well we "recited"; one group (the elites) were called the Bluebirds (or something like that), another the Robins, and the "commoners" were called the Sparrows, Really insane!
So think about it - is it any different in our unlovely sickcare system?