Pharnext Might Finish CMT Drugs in 2013


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Hi Guys,

I discused with pharnext through Emails about their CMT Treatment Program

They already reached the final trials

They Expect to finish their trials at the end of 2012 and put the drugs in the markets by June 2013

I think this is good news


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I think it is fantastic news. Could you please keep us informed about this? I have to confess that until this forum was started that I had never heard of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. Since then, I have been surprised to learn that this disease affects approximately 1 in every 2500 Americans. Here is a link to a site for other who may want to learn more about CMT.


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Still Iam waiting the latest news of your friend who is going to Dr. Kadish (World Stem Cells)

I wish you have his personal Email


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This is the Latest Reply to me by Pharnext:


The trial is expected to end in october 2012. Then if the results show efficacity of the treatment, there could be other tests. The treatment will then have to be authorized by regulatory agencies.
Therefore, I can not forecast a date for the marketing of the treatment.

I invite you to follow news on the CMT France association Website ( which is involved in the trial and on Orphanet website (