Patient website and petition for ASCTA


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This is a busy day. Dr. Centano from Regenexx sent me a new link for a patient site for ASCTA. You will see that there is a petition that you can sign by clicking on the link on the site. CAN THIS BE ANY EASIER? The answer is no. If you belong to this forum or are cruising it as a guest, you must have some type of interest in stem cell therapy. The grassroots effort cannot be effective unless we really spread the word about ASCTA and we sign the petition and contact the FDA. It's that simple. This is not the time to think someone else will do this so you can slide. It is a serious situation that could result in years of delays for legalized treatments since the FDA is considering our own stem cells as drugs. You can join ASTCA right on the patient site also as well as sign the petition. Don't put it off please. It's free.
I also want to thank those that sent me a short vignette that ASCTA can use in their press release.

From Dr. Centano

We just completed a basic patient facing web-site. The address is .