Only days into the treatment Lexi responded to the stem cells.....


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Yesterday I was reading another attack piece by Paul Knoepfler on his own blog. This time it was directed towards Dr. Riordan. One of the comments was from a parent whose daughter and nephew were treated by Dr. Riordan in Panama. I thought her comments were so much more important than Knoepfler's naysaying that I wanted to share them.

To all of these comments I say it’s easy to form opinions based on nothing you personally experience . For me and my Autistic daughter Panama stem cell institute has been a game changer . I am recovering my daughter from being trapped within herself and it is largely because she has had stem cell treatment .

When she was diagnosed at 2.5 years old I started looking into the Stem cell idea but at the time there was very little information and few clinics offering the treatments . I was terrified to take my daughter out of the country without much information . Fast forward 4.5 years later , I happens across a medical simunar in Texas in which Dr Riordan was speaking about Stem cell treatment . After attending I decided to risk trying the treatment on my little girl . I was at a point where my concerns for her future were growing because Autism had a firm grasp on her in all aspects of all our lives . We book treatment and went 4 months later , and I’ve nevet regretted that decision and continue to treat her yearly as her results have been astounding.

It’s irresponbile of you to speak on this subject without any first hand knowledge of what it can do for children . Parents are doing desperate things to change the path of their children’s future and stem cells and the Treatments Neil Riordan are preforming are nothing short of miraculous.

My daughter at seven was largely trapped within herself . She could only speak 3-4 word utterances that we’re limited to her basic needs
ie. I’m hungry , I need Potty , want an apple etc .

She was extremely sensory and wore earphone to block out any loud sounds . Her diet consisted about 10 foods that didn’t cause her to vomit at the site or smell . And she was having bipolar outbursts that would last 45 minutes , of alternating laughing and fits of crying. At the onset of those fits I knew I needed to do something and stem cells made the most sense to me based on all the research I had done for the past 4.5 years .

Only Days into the treatment Lexi responded to the stem cells . She woke up speaking to me in full sentences. We had our first real dialogue exchange in a hotel room in Panama and if it were only for that alone I would have been eternally greatful for choosing the treatment .
Things for her improved at a rapid pace , she started responding to our facial expressions , and became more aware of her surroundings , she opened up to the world and took interest in actively participating in activists she would never do , ( boating, fishing , kayaking , tubing ) . She took her earphones off and has all but stopped covering her ears ( except when a baby cries ) .

She started sampeling food off our plates and asking to try new things , She will now eat almost anything I put in front of her . She is excelling I’m school , has made friends and social connections and is developing skills which will allow her more self reliance . Her ATEC scores have dropped 53 points in the 3 years we have been having treatments . She is capable of expressing herself and her thoughts and feelings , something all children should have the ability to do .

Lexis progress was so profound that we also took my non verbal Nephew for a treatment and within a few months he developed language and potty trained ( at 5.5yrs old ) . Both children have had life altering improvements based solely on the treatments they received at The Oanama stem cell Institute .

Your comments about Neil Riordan and the Stem cell Institute are based on nothing but your need to fill up your blog page. Parents are desperate to help their children and your comments could easily deter them . Hope is all we have and many of us would give our own life for the hope of any future for our children .

I refer every person I come in contact with that has a family member with Autism to the clinic . And to be completely honest , I don’t care what the reports say when they are released , it has been a huge success for 2 children in my life . I can see first hand and live the results .
My little girl is now capable of saying “ I love you Mommy “ and having the emotional connection that goes along with it . We have hope that she will have a real and meaningful future after autism stole it .

Neil Riordan is a man changing lives and I have the utmost respect and gratitude for him and his treatments .