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Hi Everybody,
Do you think SC would help a 10 YO girl with CP, seizure disorder, vocabulary 10- 15 words used regularly & 3 -4 word sentences, just beginning to walk with a walker. She does well with it and pretty good on the tricycle. I don't have enough back ground on her yet to get the whole diagnosis etc. After reading about the transformation all of your children have had so far how realistic is it to think that this may work for her and that she would have a chance at being close to a "normal" healthy kid again someday soon.


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Cynthia - Welcome to the forum. I don't have a child with CP, but there are some very enthusiastic parents on this forum that do. They are enthusiastic because stem cell therapy has helped their children. Hopefully, they will chime in.


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CP and stem cell

There are children who improve with autologous or allogenic stem cells.Research the centers who provide these services. I have a friend whose son had Stem cell treatment for CP and is improving.

Good Luck to you.:)