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Hi I would like to invite you into my website

My 9 year old son was hurt during his birth and suffered a stoke which damage his right and left optical lobes in the back of the brain which controls your vision, walking, talking, The stoke left him with cerebral palsy. He was legally blind, He had very little balance, he could only speak about 10 words, He wore braces on his legs.[COLOR="Black"]

He had Umbilical Blood Cord Stem Cell in Dec 2007[COLOR="Black"]

He had his first treatment in Dec 2007 (Umbilical Blood Cord Stem Cell )

3 weeks after stem cell his vision was -13.75

6 months after stem cell his vision was -5.5

8 months after stem cell his vision was -3.0

1 Year later his vision is 20/40 20/60

Overall my son has improved not only with his vision, also talking, walking.

My son is proof Umbilical Blood Cord works...My son doctor said once you brain has been damage it can not repair itself....I said could you explain how my son has improved in vision, talking, walking...The only answer is Umbilical Blood Cord has given my son sight...Thank You God!

My mission is to help people find the best stem cell treatment, Encourage and advise people the benefits stem cell has to offer, Educate the people and congress Umbilical Blood Stem Cell works. People today are suffer in this world and we have Umbilical Blood Cord stored in a USA Bank, FDA approved, Paid Cash USA money, But, Can not be injected in the USA, Which is injected by IV in the arm. which took 45 min all together.
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Lisa - I cannot read the yellow print. I am going to move your thread to the neurological disease subforum where I think it would get more attention.


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New Stem Cell Website

Hi I would like to invite you to my new website

My 9 year old son with cerebral palsy had Umbilical Blood Cord Stem Cell Therapy.

His first treatment was Dec 2007 and his second treatment in march 2008.

His vision was -13.75 in one eye and 12.75 in the other eye ( Legally Blind )

Six months after his first treatment and 3 months after the second one
his vision was -5.5 ( the lower the number the better the vision )

8 months after first treatment and 5 months after second treatment his
vision was -3.0

1 Year later his vision is 20/60.
My son has progress in his walking, talking, and seeing.

My son story and medical record prove Umbilical Blood Cord Stem cell works.

We have people all over the world that are suffering stem cell could change there life and give them life again.

Umbilical Blood Cord has no side affect, is stored in the USA, FDA approved in the USA, paid for with USA money and can not be used in the USA.

My mission is to help people find treatment, educate the public and congress that stem cell works it gave my son his eye site back....It has changed my life as a mother of a special child...

I need you support to help others.

God Bless you
Lisa Biermann
Re: New Stemcell website.

You've done a nice job with your website. I really liked the picture of Kevork holding Tyler. My son, Michael, turn nine this March 20th. We are taking him down to see Dr. Ramirez for a catheterized injection of stemcells the weekend of the 21st in honor of his 9th birthday. Wish us luck.
Dave Snow :D