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In an effort to cut down on spammers, our administrator, Technocracy (Tony) has set up the registration so that he must now approve the registration. What this means is that instead of getting instant access to the forum, you will need to wait for him to process it. He is very speedy normally, so please be patient, especially if you join late at night. Spammers have been taking up a lot of our time and frankly some of the stuff is offensive, so we have had to change our registration policy to accommodate these cyberspace graffiti goof balls. If for any reason, you feel like you have waited an appropriate time or if you are having trouble logging in after you have been approved, please contact Technocracy via the forum. While waiting for the registration process to be complete, you can certainly enjoy all the reading there is to do on here. You must however, be a member to post. Do watch for your confirmation e-mail from the forum after your initial registration. Thank you all for your understanding in this matter.


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Very Good Idea

I Agree With The Decision, Some Of The Stuff Was Pure Porn, And Very Offensive---thanks For Taking This Step