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Thank you Dr. Payne for this update and congratulations on your endeavors. You have sent some great news.

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Nepsis Institute <-->

The official Nepsis Institute website is on-line now (links above), though very much under construction and sure to evolve rapidly as events and new advances unfold.

Other quickie news:

An 8 year old boy with severe TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), NB was treated this past Monday with programmed-targeted bone marrow derived precursor cells. I spoke with the boy's father and mother last night and was told the lad is already showing motor and neurologic improvements. In fact, since the injury that devastated his brain at age 2 and one-half (A 36" TV set fell on his head), NB has failed to turn his head in the direction of anyone speaking to him. He is now doing so!

In addition, the boy's father, CB, a former Army officer who flew helicopters in Korea in the late 1970s, was treated at the same time as his son for crippling degenerative disc disease This gentleman has what I call a "bionic spine" -- titanium rods and pins. In fact, he has pain so severe that he "lives on" methadone 7/7 and achieves only "50% pain relief" at that. Since his treatment, CB reports the pain in his upper back is virtually gone and that in his lower back is noticeably diminished.

Of course, it is still early on and thus difficult to say what lies ahead for NB and his father, CB. All of us involved with the Nepsis Institute-Ramirez stem cell program are, quite naturally, encouraged and thrilled by these early positives responses on the part of both and anticipate additional gains over time.


I was interviewed yesterday by HEALTH NEWS writer Rod McKenzie, Jr. concerning the jellyfish protein Prevagen and its contribution to my ALS regimen. Although the focus was, yes on apoaeqeorin (Prevagen), I will be able to work in mention of Nepsis Institute and the website URL as part of my biographical statement. Obviously I am hoping this bit of free publicity will create new opportunities for NI to help many more sick and suffering folks.

Health News is a hardcopy tabloid distributed in health food stores and whole foods markets and such across the USA.

That?s the latest. There are many more exciting things in the works which I will share in due course.

Ciao for now,

Anthony G. Payne, Ph.D.


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Dr. Payne

What great news! I just know that more and more great stories of stem cell recipients will keep rolling in. Our time is NOW!


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More information on Nepsis and Dr. Ramirez

Nepsis Institute is a Mexican corporation that takes groundbreaking stem cell technology and methods created by US scientists and licenses it to select labs that provide stem cell processing services to appropriately credentialed and licensed physicians and researchers in Mexico and elsewhere in the world. In some instances Nepsis partners with clinics.

Currently Nepsis Institute has both licensed novel stem cell technologies and methods to the clinic and in-house laboratory that serves Fernando Ramirez Del Rio, MD and partnered with him. As part of this arrangement Nepsis Institute scientists and technicians from the US actually help manage and run Dr. Ramirez's in-house laboratory. It also gathers patient response data for analysis and eventual publication in the form of professional papers submitted to mainstream peer reviewed journals. Note: Dr. Ramirez had over 20 years experience doing xenotransplants (animal embryonic material) before beginning work with adult stem cells, e.g., cord stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, etc. He has been administering pure cord blood stem cells to adults and children for over six years (and was, in fact, issued a unique license by the Mexican government that makes him the only physician in private practice allowed to legally use stem cells to treat patients in the Mexican state of Baja). Then, starting during February 2009, he began working with programmed and targeted bone marrow derived stem cells generated using technology and lab methods entrusted to him by Nepsis Institute. He will shortly begin experimental clinical work using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) created without the use of viruses or harsh chemicals that can alter stem cell DNA (This innovative laboratory methodology was created in the US and is licensed to Nepsis Institute-Mexico).