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I am a mother of a 7 yr old son who has developmental delay..and had a difficult birth even though he was born full term but because of the distress he had during birth he has suffered brain damage.i am new to this forum i just wanted to know more about stem cell treatment and will it be of help to my sons condition..i would appreciate if some one can share some light on any such experiences or give me some info please
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Help for your son

I do know that stem cell clinics are treating for brain damage. I would suggest contacting the clinics and taking advantage of the free consultations that most of them offer. Ask the questions that you want to know about. I suggest writing them down in advance and also taking notes during the consultation. Have you tried any other type of therapy for him? I know HBOT has shown good success with brain damage. I will private message you with a list of clinics you could contact for stem cell therapy. It's where most of us start to at least get a feel for how successful treatment might be, cost, previous experience, etc. I hope you will become an active member of our forum. There is a great group of people here that are more than willing to help answer questions and to also give support in your search.