Message from Dr. Centeno


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Thank you to Dr. Centeno for continuing to lead the charge for stem cell therapy. I know that I appreciate his efforts and hope you all do too. Sent to us today from him -

Dear all,

As you know, we are a research based practice, meaning that we publish more research than any other non-university based pain practice in Colorado. I just spent a few hours indexing our National Library of Medicine citations for our web-site and I thought you might be interested, see These are our 24 indexed articles only, there about another 10 that aren't indexed and thus aren't on this list.

Research is a sort of a thankless endeavor as a private practitioner. A simple editorial may take a few hours to up to 10 hours to polish. A full blown research paper involving hundreds of subjects (we have two more of those just submitted for publication so not listed here) can literally take 100 hours or more to compile, write, polish, and re-polish, then another 5-20 hours to rewrite parts for picky peer reviewers. If you're in academia, it's publish or perish, so there are significant benefits to taking the time to publish your work like promotions and grants, etc... In private practice, you do this because it simply needs to be done.

Christopher J. Centeno, M.D.