Medi.transparency? Zero, like Govt.


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Funny how everyone SHRIEKS for transparency from Govt. (as happened with the NSA scandal yada yada)
Ditto with banksters...

Yet how is the vaunted "medical" system different from Govt. insofar as Transparency?

(1) Do either of them really disclose fully the true costs for which they collect money from you?

(2) Did any of them ever offer a money back guarantee if their services prove defective, the way appliance stores offer?

(3) Does the medical system offer Holographic internal images of your body?

So that they can see how/where aged environments are blocking progress of infused cells?
So they can know to remove toxins prior to stem cell infusion?

For crying out loud, I had 2 separate kineseologists (at different times) detect Infection in Tooth #5 yet every time I see a dentist anywhere, the Xrays do not detect infection.

So why is it that I have continuous pain in Tooth #5?
Obviously kineseologists know the pain I'm in better than the so-vaunted Xrays.


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Zero Medical Transparency

According to this article holography is being used in medicine today. You should seek out a dentist using it.
I browsed it, but it doesn't address the fact that they all compartmentalized (each in their own field instead of it being standard mainstream to the point where even the most affordable clinics have it as standard.
I assure you that any local dentists do not use holographic diagnostics, and I've been to quite a few locally, even finding that the cheapest was gentler & less aloof (talkable to) than the uppercrust-fancy clinic i've used prior.

Another key question: Do you know of dental offices (nationally) who offer the sort of holography which can pinpoint with precision exactly where bacteria, virals & toxins are located?

If so, what is their contact info? (though I'm actually more interested in stem cell dental-regen.)


It doesn't point out the fact that any stem cell clinics I know of don't include Holographic quantum physics diagnostics as part of their protocol.

Above all, I'm an advocate of REPAIRCARE (vs. sickcare) as per the following demo:

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Medical transparency zero, stem cell bumper stickers

Also here's my relevant amateur stem cell bumper stickers:

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