Lipedema and Lymphedema IRBS stem cell treatment in Arizona


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Hello!! I'm Alyson from Va. Around 6 years ago I was diagnosed by a vascular surgeon as having Lipedema in both my legs and since it was barely noticeable then I didn't need to do anything about it . Fast forward to 2014 where a different group of vascular surgeons diagnosed not only Lipedema but also Lymphedema. Walking was much harder, my legs started looking bowed .. Stairs were harder and harder to do.It had progressed to both arms as well. They explain the progressive nature of both chronic diseases. The diseases contributed to my severe osteoarthritis in both knees, right hip and shoulder. A friend recommended researching stem cell treatment with Dr Todd Malan and Dr Jeffrey Lee. After a lot of research, thank you Stem Cell Pioneer,I am scheduled for Adipose derived , IRBS, stem cell treatment , in Scottsdale Arizona, September 28,2015.