IPF stem cell treatment FDA trial approved for humans, funding search now.


Talking with the author of article he say's FDA approved Human trial stage so Univ NC and partner NC State university will set up a funding process
and begin on IPF volunteers at some point soon. Original article,, sound very similar to Penn Sates stem cell discovery about same time.

1: this clinical trial, when it starts, will only be in chapel hill nc and it will be small.
2: I do not know when it will start and the doctors tell me to tell people to keep checking clinicaltrials.gov for more information. when the trial is set and ready to enroll patients, it will appear on that website immediately.

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It's going to be about 20 people I believe. Very small and limited to IPF patients only. One of our members tried contacting one of the researchers and was sent a rather nasty reply which I found to be unnecessary. He had simply asked if COPD patients could possibly benefit from this same type of treatment. The researcher told him to not contact him again unless he needed information on their lung transplant program as the trial was only for IPF patients. The tone of the message was lacking any compassion at all. I hope the patients who do get in the trial are given more consideration.