Introduction-just had stem cells


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I'm 48, male, live in Ga and just got my first stem cell treatment via IV. The forum looks like a great source of information and I look forward to learning a lot.

I'm still active for my age and still participate in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, a form of grappling. It was getting harder to make it to practice because my joints were always aching and I was more and more tired by the end of the day.

I didn't have anything specific for complaints other than generalized inflamation of my whole body and some tendinitis in my elbow. I received my stem cells 11 days ago and so far have been very happy.

I received 10 million umbilical dirived cells from stem cells of East Tennessee, 9 million via IV and 1 million directly into my elbow. I paid 5600.00 for the treatment. How does that compare to other clinics price and volume of cells wise?

The day I received the cells I developed a fever that reached 102.8 and I felt I had the flu. I took some ibuprofen that drop the temp down to about 100.0 and it stayed there the next day. Two days after receiving the infusion I woke up and have felt great ever since. A couple things I've noticed:
I feel "loose" for lack of better word, flexible and I don't get tight when I excercise. My endurance seems better. Recovery after excercise is faster. Most amazing to me, I DONT NEED reading glasses anymore.
That's something I didn't expect but is worth the money in itself.

I plan on doing stem cells every 6 months. I may look at using my own fat next time, more economical over the long run.

Couple questions: has anyone else had the fever reaction day of injection? Are my own fat cells going to be this good? Is 10 million cells the standard dose?


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And thanks All for the forum. Great source of information. Please excuse typos to my fat fingers and posting via cell phone


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chipw - Welcome to the forum!

I have experienced flu like symptoms post treatment in the past even when I received my own stem cells. I have also had a couple of treatments from hell which I would really like to forget!

As for adipose (fat) treatment, I am not a fan of liposuction whatsoever. If we were able to bank our cells in the U.S. and it was a one time endeavor where the cells could be expanded and used over and over again, that would be one thing, but to go through liposuction every 6 months, to me, would be a huge negative. If you like your results now, using umbilical cord stem cells is far easier on you. There are a few clinics that are banking cells, but if the FDA catches up with them, they will be closed down.

The amount you got is pretty standard. You would get a better yield probably from adipose, but again, why do that if you like the results you got? As for the price, it seems reasonable. More competition would lead to even better prices, but right now, the naysayers in academia, Big Pharma, the FDA, etc. would really like to see less competition. Does the clinic offer bone marrow extractions?