Inogen One unit donated by Nassin to benefit Haiti victims - Bid on it now


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As many of you know that have read the book Jeannine and I wrote, we were inspired by a man named Nassin to seek stem cell therapy. Nassin remains very dear to us and he has asked me to post information about his Inogen One that he would like to sell with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders and their efforts in Haiti. He has suggested a minimum bid of $1000.00 and I totally agree with this. The Inogen One is a wonderful little unit and the cause is a worthy one.

Nassin is a generous man and I hope that money can be raised and that someone who really needs this unit can take advantage of this opportunity. All bids should be submitted as a reply to this posting so that others can see what they need to bid to be the high bidder. The deadline for all bids will be

February 21, 2010, 11:59 PM MST.

Thank you Nassin. Here is the information he sent:

Re Inogen One. I bought the unit about 4 years ago and it cost close to $6.000. I have used it only for travel and that would be about 500 hours or so. It is in top condition and it would be delivered with an extra rechargeable Lithium battery, AC Power supply, Mobile Power Charge (from your car), Satellite Conserver (enables distances of 100 feet from Inogen converter, two carry bags, one carrying Cart and owner's Manual.
The Inogen has 6 settings, from 1 to 5 and Satellite, to be used with the Satellite conserver.
Anyone can get full details form

Of course my main interest is that someone who needs oxygen can use it, as I am not any more.
All proceeds would go to Haiti. Buyer would have to pay for transportation only, whichever carrier he chooses.

As I normally contribute to Doctors Without Borders and they were in Haiti at the time of the earthquake (I believe they lost some people) I am supporting them again and any additional would be very welcomed by them.


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Please click on the website provided for complete information. It is a portable oxygen unit.


Inogen one

How long is the bidding going on (time frame) Thank You
O.K I read the post again Feb 21st
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If anyone is in the market for a great portable, the bid is only at $1500.00. All proceeds will be given to Doctors Without Borders. Get your bids in now.


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Danny O - Unfortunately, your bid came in after the deadline set forth in the rules established by Nassin. Judy3 is the successful bidder. Thank you to those that participated. A check will be sent to Doctors Without Borders in the amount of $2100.00.