I am still looking for someone who as experience with stem cells via catheter


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LOL Kaci's Mom

Daryl had her treatment via catheter. It is absolutely fine as far as we're concerned - we'll do it again. Tiny mark left where they inserted catheter at groin, and tiny mark on foot where blood was taken and fluids were given. She came through the procedure fine, and is of course a lot smaller than Kaci. A much smaller baby than Daryl received the same treatment a week before us, and that was February/March, so all will be much improved again since then. Yes, we could choose method of delivery, with catheter being $5,000 more as needs GA and surgical team. George the driver explained that the doc they had doing the catheters now (when we were there) was a former heart surgeon and was very good at it. Granted, it seemed to take a while for Daryl, but her veins suck, so that might just be her.
Yay you are going again so soon! Bet Kaci is looking forward to Disneyland! Don't forget to use the Fast Forward passes, and know that if your child has a disability, you are entitled to go to the front of the queue on rides marked with a disabled mark (I think - we didn't do this cause we didn't find out till right at the end!).
Keep in touch - sorry, I've been slack recently! We bought and sold house (today we went unconditional) so have been flat out with that and work. Will be starting fundraising for Daryl's next treatment very soon, planning on being over there in February '10, after a spell of HBOT in Australia.
Have only heard good things from all the families over here in NZ who have been through Ramirez & Co since we started with Caleb Turner in Dec last year. I think around 10 families have gone now - we've started a trend! :D


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I have had many different catheter procedures done for cardiac purposes:
angiograms, stents, etc.

At this point, I have had well more than 10 of them.

The risk is just about zero.

You should not lift anything more than about 5 pounds for a week to 10 days afterwards. That's it.