guess we're already acquainted

D'you think pr's tend to be tied to compartmentalized labels vs. holistic nuances?

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Hi, Barbara, I guess we're already acquainted from the facebook group :cool:

Prior to joining here, I clicked the contact link connected to this forum, to explain to you that I'd like to ask questions of the most appropriate doctor, ones which for the longest time have not been addressed, despite months of effort to get them answered.

Which doctor has the most open, explanatory way geared to laymen?

I've encountered a sorta non-forthcomingness from both Chinese and US clinics upon posing my primary question (below) and still confused re: the 2nd issue of the pSmad "aging pathway" and how adipose cell infusion manages to get around that.

Basically, why isn't the below offered for the sake of those of us with advanced Lyme, or (in my case) advanced toxins & pathogens & high-frequency sensitivity which mimick Lyme
...rather than just referring people for plasmapheresis or ablative-chemo?

...which pictorially demo's my most primary question for ALL clinics.

....true repaircare would address everyone, not just selected "labelled" segments.
......true repaircare addresses nuances, as does L.I.F.E. system Diagnostics
(there's also SCIO & ROFES all based on quantum physics - wholistic-truth)

Here's a free demo of what I mean by "nuances" versus stealthcare "labelling us as if we're bottles".

P.S. I'd read your citation of the Lanza study on macular degeneratives. FYI, last year when attempting to fill out their gruelling application for my dad who had gone blind at the time, my family just gave up. That's how abnormal their application was. We basically exclaimed, THEIR CONVOLUTED HOOPS ARE RIDICULOUS & UNREASONABLE. My family was not impressed. I imagine it was the same for many others who received the application. But you don't ever hear about the likes of us, even if we may outweigh in sheer numbers, the few who actually entered the study.