Glenburn Boy Returns from Costa Rica After Having Adult Stem Cell Therapy


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Glenburn Boy Returns from Costa Rica After Having Adult Stem Cell Therapy

A young boy from Glenburn recently returned from Costa Rica where he underwent a procedure that is not available in the United States.

Meghan Hayward tells what he had done and how he's coping.

Eight-Year-old Kenneth Kelley was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.

When we last talked with him and his family, they were preparing for a trip to Costa Rica where he would undergo adult stem cell therapy.

"Kenneth had stems cells from umbilical chord blood and he got about 24 million stem cells while we were there in Costa Rica. He had injections every day over a period of four days."

Marty Kelley is Kenneth's mother. She was told by the doctors in Costa Rica to not expect to see results for 8 weeks to 6 months.

Continued.... An interview with this family is also available at the following link:


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And now the Costa Rica stem cell clinics are no longer able to operate. I'm glad that Panama is available. Although isn't it a shame that it can't be done right here in the US?
HBO therapy and Stem Cell therapy

Young Kenneth Kelley doesn't seem to fit the model of a desperate victimized helpless and hopeless patient who is being taken advantgae of by rogue unscrupulous and mercenary medical predators who are just taking his parents money and giving him false hope. My best wishes for Kenneth, my prayers are with him. Listening to warnings of the established Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy groups like the UHMS and now the ISSCR for stem cell research and therapy requires selective listening. They are in it to protect their money supply and they have little regard for helping the vast majority of people in my opinion.
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I agree 100%. Notice how quickly the media (with the help of Irv Weissman) got the story out about one person supposedly dying from stem cell treatment years after receiving it. This was done to scare us all out of getting treatment.

I was in the San Diego airport recently and the skycap who was assisting us told me that he helps people who are going for treatment in Mexico on a regular basis and has seen many return for a second treatment who are doing much better than they did when he saw them the first time before treatment.

I wonder how many people have had stem cell treatment and how many were actually harmed? I know many who went and saw little improvement, but how many died as a direct result of their treatment? Most people who go for treatment are pretty sick to begin with.


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This sickens me that the Costa Rican government has chosen to play God and totally ignored patients who were getting worthwhile improvements. They obviously are in the bed made by Big Pharma and the ISSCR snuggling up together.

The problem is that there isn't enough good press out there relaying stories like this one. The ISSCR has deep pockets and can get their information out globally very quickly.

I know the mortality rate from stem cell therapy does not come anywhere close to the mortality rate of mistakes made right here in the U.S. with medications, mis-diagnosis, and mistreatment. That is why the groups trying to protect their own hides and monetary interests latch on to sensational type stories like the woman and her kidney problem and the boy with the tumor and parade them like they were everyday occurrences. Patients who are too ill for treatment should be rejected for treatment and that is something that stem cell doctors need to clean up within their own ranks or face disparagement that will filter throughout the whole industry.


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Stem cells for Autism

Thanks. It was most enjoyable. Hope Panama ICM will remain open so that other Autistic children could have the same benefits from stem cell treatment.