Geeza still in trouble


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My first autologous treatment by Dr. F was around 11/1/13 and I followed the protocol as directed.
Around 1/1/14 I posted that my sob had increased as had my cough and phlem production. The comments I received prompted me to trouble shoot everything to find the possible problem. The main culprit was a defective neb - I could not get the glutathione into my lungs. This could have been a problem for two months. I bought a new neb and have now been doing the treatment for 6 weeks. There has been no improvement in my condition since buying my new neb.
I have been speculating on what to do. Has anybody out there had a successful follow up stem cell treatment? I’m only trying to stop the march of my copd so would welcome anything that might work even just a little.
I am trying losartan potassium which was a reference by “jgp” to Barbara some time back. I was taking a low dose for my blood pressure but jumped my dose about 2 weeks ago when my Doc juggled my meds. I am my own guinea pig tester [don’t call me a pig] as I’m sure you may be too, but maybe you have something that worked for you – even just s little.