Fund raising effort for 8 year old boy with autism


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I have posted this for Matthew's family. I am told that this fund only takes 4% and works hard to help generate funds for patients that need treatment. It sounds like Matthew is doing very well with his treatments. I wish him the very best and hope that the fund raising is successful.

Matthew Faiella
NTAF Southeast Stem Cell Transplant Fund (tax-deductible)

Family and friends of Matthew Faiella are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with his cord blood stem cell transplant to help recover him from Autism. Matthew has undergone the treatment 3 times and is 80% recovered and desperately needs a fourth treatment! Matthew's pediatrician went on Fox news and told of the extraordinary gains he has made and that kids who go through therapy DO NOT make the gains that she sees in Matthew His pediatrician (Dr. Rivera) is just blown away by his progress since the stem cell treatments. Matthew lives in Orlando, FL and is being treated at the Institute for Cellular Medicine, in Costa Rica.

Here's another fund that someone just sent me that assists parents of autistic children.
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