Free clinic to treat vitamin D deficiency in children with autism


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Vitamin D Council announces free clinic to treat vitamin D deficiency in children with autism

The Vitamin D Council is finally kicking its vitamin D clinic for children with autism into full swing this week. If you know of a child with autism, and the parents are willing to give adequate doses of vitamin D, the Vitamin D Council will help the parents with our new free vitamin D clinic for children with autism.

Studies show that many children with autism have low vitamin D levels and some parents have reported that some children appeared to show a treatment effect when vitamin D blood levels achieve high normal ranges. However, we do not promise any such treatment effect, only that an adequate dose of vitamin D will treat vitamin D deficiency. The entire goal of the clinic is to bring vitamin D levels up to the high normal range.

The clinic consists of free autism rating scales for parents and teachers, free vitamin D blood tests (up to $65.00 per test), free visits or phone calls with Dr. John Cannell, and, if needed, free vitamin D supplements. For more information, email our Development Director Brant Cebulla at

Before emailing, please read the following five articles: (You can get the links by joining the Council)

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