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I just want to remind everyone that the purpose of our forum is for stem cell discussion and support for those that have had therapy or are thinking of having it or are a caregiver for someone who is considering it. We do not endorse any doctor, clinic or company in the stem cell industry and in every instance I advise readers to do your own research and always keep in mind, BUYER BEWARE. Stem cell therapy is in its infancy and there is little long term data available. I hear from so many doctors, researchers, company execs, that their treatment is the best. Maybe, it is, but I don't believe the long term studies are there to support anyone's claims to this at this time. You just have to sort through what information you are given, disregard most testimonials on the company websites because they never show anyone that got ill or didn't have any results, and compare notes from your efforts.

Our forum also does not send e-mails or private messages to anyone concerning clinics or doctors unless the information is requested. If you receive a message from someone you have not requested information from, please be cautious. We do send e-mails to the entire group periodically when we want to inform everyone about something, but these will clearly be from our administrator Technocracy and you will be able to see that.

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