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For anyone having questions on signing in, posting, etc. here is the spot to ask your questions. This forum is easy to navigate once you get used to it. Most health forums do not have separate categories like this one, so that can be somewhat confusing when you first get on it. We have these different areas because this forum is dedicated to stem cell discussion for all diseases. Remember, when signing in that your name and password must be logged in just as you first signed up. This area is case sensitive and seems to cause the most problems for the first time user. You cannot post if you are not logged in. You can read, but not reply. I hope this helps. Also, if posting a lengthy reply, you only have 15 minutes to compose your message or you will be automatically logged out.


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Mary Jo says she never has to put in her password when she logs in. This is because the forum is remembering your password, if you checked remember me. You should still jot your password down somewhere in case your computer ever gets amnesia. Mine does. I know it's not me, it's my computer.


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You choose whether you want your birthday recognized

Subject: Re: Why are all todays birthdays not showing up?

when you sign up, It asks you what you want to do with your birthday. Show it, not show it.


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How to donate

I have been asked how to donate to the forum fund. In the bottom left hand corner on the Home Page is a button you can click on that says "Donate". This is where you may donate through PayPal. We are trying to establish a fund to help those that cannot afford the full cost of treatment. Any help you can give is going directly to the forum fund. If you prefer to make a donation by check, you may send me a private e-mail for instructions. Also, this month, anyone that donates $30.00 or more will receive a Pioneers Stem Cell t-shirt with the logo on it that you see on the Home page. You can send me a private e-mail to let me know your size if you choose to do this. The shirts are really quite nice and you can order from child sizes to triple X.


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Please use this thread for forum navigating questions

I am still getting personal e-mails and I see a few on the open forum that ask how to navigate on the forum. Please use this thread to ask. NO question is silly or insignificant and everyone will learn from reading the questions and answers. Thanks,


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tee shirt

are you still giving away the tee shirts with a donation I want one are you tired of me yet Bev in Fl


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T-shirt offer is still a good one

Yes, Bev this is something that people like. You have two options now. One is a T-shirt with the Stem Cell Pioneer logo that you see on the home page (the colorful one with the purple which is actually a stem cell) or one that has a set of lungs (Larry is shown modeling his in our book) with the actual date of your treatment put on it. It says, "I was one of the First/Stem Cell Pioneers" Just click the donate button below and then e-mail me what size and which style you would like. Thanks, Bev. The forum is for everyone and your questions are perfectly logical to me, so don't worry about bothering anyone.


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please advise on procedure to download private messages

As I have reached 90 per cent in my private message box, I have tried to download the ticked messages as text. I do not know where they are downloaded to and after refreshing, I still have 90% there. Sorry I do not understand this at all. I do not want to lose all the messages as there is a lot of useful information contained in them.

Perhaps someone can kindly guide me through.

Thank you
How to safely clean out your PM folders

1. Click the download all private messages as <txt> (or any you prefer) at the bottom right of the window.

2. On the window that pops up, click the <save> button.

3. Pick a location where you want to save it on the save as dialog screen.

(Note: you can save it anywhere on your pc with any name you want. Just leave the file extension at the end as the appropriate file type. i.e. .txt for text, .xml for xml, .csv for comma seperated)

4. Once the file has saved, verify that you can open it on your PC and read it.

5. Delete old messages from your PM folders....

A. Click list Messages on the left bar
B. Click the checkbox on the right of each message title to select messages to delete.
c. Once messages are all picked select <delete> from the dropdown menu on the bar below the last message.
d. Click <GO>
e. Repeat as necessary if you have multiple screens of PMs to delete.

Once a message is deleted from your PM folders, it is gone for good. Make sure you can read the saved ones before deleting from the forum folders.


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Click on the USER CP option and you will see the options to edit your profile on the left side of the screen.