For SPMS Treatment, Fat-Derived Stem Cells Safe, Feasible, Trial Shows


MAY 21, 2018

For SPMS Treatment, Fat-Derived Stem Cells Safe, Feasible, Trial Shows

This was not the same-day fast derived low-dose stem cell treatment that is available at U.S. clinics. It was lab expanded autologus fat derived stem cells cultured in a lab to high dose.
This study was triple-blind, placebo-controlled study, using expanded high dose MSCs from fat, exactly like Celltex does. 12 month followup concluded it was safe. Unfortunately the study was only examining safety, not effectiveness. But at least it is more evidence.

It was dose by multiple universities across Spain, and published in a high quality journal PLOS One.

Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (AdMSC) for the treatment of secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis: A triple blinded, placebo controlled, randomized phase I/II safety and feasibility study

The only way patients can access this type of therapy at this time is through Celltex in Houston TX, but then you have to go to Cancun MX to receive the treatment.


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We are living in a country of denial when it comes to evidence of safety. There is ZERO common sense involved for sure. Patients are put in greater risk by traveling to Cancun then receiving the same treatment in Texas. Safety evidence keeps piling up and yet access to relevant treatments has gotten worse in my opinion thanks to the iffy regulatory conditions in the U.S. as well as those in the industry who will do almost anything to keep patients from accessing their own cells. Their argument of course is since the stem cells are manipulated then this has changed them and they are now drugs. Could I compare that to adding chocolate syrup to white milk to make chocolate milk? Does that mean the addition has somehow made the milk unsafe or an unknown hazard even if there is enormous evidence that those that are now drinking the chocolate milk are very satisfied with it and it has caused no harm? There may be better examples, but today's so called academic thinking is something right out of the dark ages when it comes to stem cells. Perhaps, it really isn't what they think but they are so fearful of losing their grants and endless research positions that they must do whatever it takes to keep stem cell therapies out of the mainstream medical practice. It will take the public demanding it to make meaningful change.