Exosomes for inflammatory lung disease


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Hello Everyone,
It's been a while since I last posted. This past year I have been through numerous physicians for my lung issues. I still have no diagnosis. In 2014 I developed skin plaques & shortness of breath. I have all the symptoms of sarcoidosis. I've had every test done medically. Last year I had an open lung biopsy. The biopsy was sent to the Mayo Clinic. Yes I have granuloma cells, inflammation, & scar tissue. But it didn't specify a diagnosis. Just a long list of possible causes. I've been on steroids for over 18 months. I contacted my stem cell physician, Dr. Todd Malan of Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Malan has a new therapy to offer patients. It's called exosomes. Exosomes are tiny vesicles inside stem cells. Think of these vesicles as missiles that communicate with other cells. Scientists have discovered that these vesicles can control the immune system. Studies & clinical trials are being done for cancer, stroke, & autoimmune diseases with exosomes. These exosomes can penetrate the blood brain barrier. These exosomes can teach the immune cells to recognize cells as normal. Dr. Malan is expecting approval of the exosomes by FDA in 2 weeks. I'll be scheduling an appointment this month. I've researched the drug pipeline for drugs in clinical trials for sarcoidosis. The 1st drug for sarcoidosis will be on the market in 2020 (aviptadil). I'll update on my therapy results with exosomes....


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I have a friend who has COPD. He had exosome treatment and can't say enough good things about it. The treatment has helped him tremendously. I hope it does the same for you.
I have something you can try also.

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