Dr. Young helps write lab guidelines for ASCTA


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Thank you to Dr. Young and the other caring doctors that are helping ASCTA move forward.

We have just published on-line our version 1.0 of the ASCTA Lab Practices Guidelines. Why are these important? The FDA wants to classify the patient's own stem cells as a drug and make patients suffer through a 5-10 year drug development process for each disease being treated. These lab guidelines serve as the backbone for safe stem cell labs being run by your doctor, practicing medicine using your stem cells. They are not manufacturing guidelines, but safe lab practices that will allow adult stem cell labs to treat disease with strict controls. We expect to have our clinical practice guidelines out soon. Please take a minute and take a look at http://stemcelldocs.org/uploads/ASCTA_Lab_Practices_Guidelines_Version_1_0_Final_2.pdf.
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