Dr. Henry Young Refuses to Correct Misinformation on his LinkedIn profile


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Several months ago, I asked Dr. Henry Young to remove information from his LinkedIn profile that is incorrect. He agreed that he would do so but then sent me an e-mail stating that he wanted a number of things from me in exchange for removing it, even though he is aware that the information is not correct. I do not bow to blackmail which is what I considered his request to be and did not reply to his demands.

Dr. Young entered into a contract with Jeannine and me to test the product we distribute, now known as Stemtrition, using a protocol he devised. He was paid to do this and agreed that he would provide us with the results of the protocol and publish them. We never got the results and nothing was published. What we got were excuses that he had been ill, had been too busy at work, etc. Dr. Young originally told me that he would present the results at a meeting he was attending in Keystone, Colorado in early 2010. That never materialized and after that, it was just a series of other reasons why he was not finishing the project. We eventually terminated the contract giving up any hope of getting the results. He was paid well for the study so it was very disappointing for us to have nothing to show for it.

I feel that I do need to make it clear that Dr. Henry Young has refused to correct the information on LinkedIn. Paul Knoepfler, on his blog, made reference to the product, although did not call it by name. I replied to him stating that we had made a tremendous effort to validate the product using a protocol developed by someone who claimed to be knowledgeable in the stem cell research industry. I did not state on his blog that the individual was Dr. Henry Young, Mercer University, but I feel that it is important to let others know what happened to the study.

Here is the information that Dr. Young has posted on his LinkedIn profile:

Information Specialist
SeaChange Therapeutics
2008 – 2011 (3 years)

Answered questions posed by members on the website
Recommend Henry E.’s work at SeaChange Therapeutics
Information Specialist
SeaChange Therapeutics
2008 – 2010 (2 years)

Dr. Young was not an "Information Specialist" for SeaChange Therapeutics. We entered into a consultantship agreement with him to administer the treatment protocol using the product we distribute. SeaChange Therapeutics has no website that the public can participate in. The SeaChange Therapeutics website is for the sale of products.
For someone who claims to be an accomplished researcher, these details should be important to him, but apparently they are not.

Jeannine and I have come under fire unfairly I believe because of Dr. Young's failure to correct his LinkedIn site with the proper information and the failure to provide us with the results of the protocol for which he was paid. There really was nothing he did as far as the protocol in 2008 either. I have no idea where he came up with that date.

If Paul Knoepfler or any others have questions about the product, I suggest they contact Dr. Henry Young at Mercer University in Macon, GA. I am sure it must just be an oversight that Dr. Young has failed to provide us with his published results for several years now. Maybe, Knoepfler can get the info from him. I know I'm not able to. I can't even get him to make simple corrections to his LinkedIn profile.


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I buy the product and like it. You ladies are doing a good job. I'm sorry that you didn't get what you paid for.