Dr. Burton Feinerman


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Without the generosity of Dr Feinerman.s genius I might not be alive. In the last 5 or 6 years Dr Feinerman treated me with stem cells that lead to the improvement of my COPD. He also diagnosed other health issues that when treated made huge improvements in the quality of my health. This great man made definable contributions to improve the health of people that had no hope. He will be missed. Sam Foreman


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I agree completely! He told me I had mild pulmonary hypertension which no other doctor had diagnosed. He was absolutely correct in his diagnosis. He was truly one of a kind when it came to enthusiasm and trying to find new ways to help patients. He had a very long career and was still going strong. I don't think he even knew what the word retirement meant. It wasn't in his vocabulary. His wife said he was diagnosed with cancer and then he got pneumonia. It's hard for me to believe he's gone.


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Great doctor

Dr. Feinerman treated me for several years. His treatment helped my COPD as well as other issues I had. Thanks to him I am able to breath better today. I miss him and his treatment ever so much. I recently found another stem cell Dr that I think is wonderful but he is not lung specialist. Thanks Dr Feinerman for all you did for me.