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Hi All,
I just received my Detox Kit and I will be starting it today. Jan.31, 07 is really getting close now :) Can anyone tell me what to expect from taking the detox? Just want to be prepared in case I need to stay close to home- if you know what I mean.
Jeannine and Barbara I also just received your book and I cannot wait to really start reading it. I have been busy getting some things down around the house that I have put off as I have spent so much time on the computer and so involved in research that I had none little else but, the basic things.
I am very excited to be able to meet others that will be making the trip to San Diego at the same time. We all have so much in common and to be able to meet in person is the icing on the cake. :)

Hope all is doing well and thanks to all that have responded to my questions and so much help means more than words can express.


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The old detox kit, huh? Jeannine, Larry and I were evidently not needing detox as we never received our kits, but from what I have heard there is a 50/50 chance you might want to stick around home. Really helpful aren't I? Thank you for purchasing our book. It helps our forum and I hope it helps you. There will be a written test as soon as you have finished it. Just let me know. It is not open book and there are about 100 questions (all essay). I guess I should have had the detox since I am so full of it, right? Seriously, if the detox does seem to be a big problem, I would discontinue its use. Some have had to do this.


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So, what's this "detox" like?? Nothing was mentioned to me about detoxing before I got my stem cells. It sounds like a good idea to do it because I feel like I've been detoxing big time since getting the cells.
BJ, I'll be very interested in how you feel afterwards, as we seem to have some vaguely similar symptoms. It's mainly affected my skeletal muscles, weak legs and arms etc.
I know how excited, yet apprehensive you must be feeling as the date draws near. I felt like that, but also felt it was something that had great potential.
I wish you the very best of luck!


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The only problem I encountered with the detox was with drinking all the water as far as upsetting the system it was one of the mildest detox kits I have ever used no side effects at all good luck with your treatment and on your trip are you going to Ca


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Stem Cell -Detox

Sorry everyone I am having problems trying to reply to you posts :( I hope this one goes thru ok.

Thank you to each one about the Detox Kit! I so far have no problems YEA!!!!!!!!! I am so full of it I could use a good cleaning out any way :) I am counting the days now as Jan.30th and 31 is getting close. What was only a dream is now going to be reality. Of course we will have to eat beans and cornbread for 10 years but, have no problem with that!!!!

Hope this finds all doing well and I will continue to read all the great reports.

Andrea, if you read this please take care of yourself on your long ride. Rest when you can and stop often. Cannot wait to meet everyone that is traveling to San Diego. I will take my red scooter so if you see me just let out a YELL! :)