I wanted to sadly announce that a stem cell pioneer Ed Drambel's son has passed away. John Drambel was 18 years old with cerebral palsy. He was Ed's inspiration and driving force to organize a huge non-profit organization to help fund therapeutic methodologies for the treatment of CP ( I knew him in the beginning of his inception of, and we've spoken on the phone a couple of times. I am not sure if he remembers. I wanted to send him our condolences and deepest sympathies for his loss. I especially grieved when I found out yesterday via FB, because my son now at 16 was born with CP as well. We both had something in common. We were fathers in the same battle to find the right treatments. We both went different directions, where Ed went with research teams associated with academic facilities through FDA clinical trials, and I was more inclined towards non-FDA approved researchers. However, we both wanted the same goal. Rest in peace John Drambel!!! Another angel has been taken away. I am sure heaven is more enriched with his presence.