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I contacted the manufacturer of the colostrum that we distribute at and he says he has not had any experience with a CP patient using colostrum. He was unaware of any scientific publications supporting colostrum usage for CP, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Have you heard of someone taking it to help treat symptoms of CP?

I have taken it for a couple of years and so does my husband. There are a lot of good aminos in it and we both feel it wards off colds, flu, etc. and gives us more energy.

We sell 4 different forms of colostrum on the SeaChange site. If anyone reading this has problems with supplemental oxygen drying their nose out like the Mojave desert, try the colostrum lotion. It's a non petroleum based product which is essential for use with O2 and it is simply divine. I use the powder form for my supplementation. I take 1 tsp two times a day, but this amount can be increased for 10 days to 2 weeks to up to 3 Tbs. per day if you feel any illness coming on. We only sell the First 6 Hour Milking colostrum at SeaChange. It is said to be far superior to the New Zealand colostrum.
There is also a liquid form that can be taken internally or used externally (great for healing cuts or stopping nosebleeds) and a lozenge form for kids that won't take the powder.


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We might be the first!

Trying it for CP. The only things I'm hoping for is that it might help Daryl sleep better, reduce pain and help her get a bit more out of her food and put on weight. Will give it a try for a month and see what happens anways. Fingers crossed! Two of us have put our CP kids on it - Daryl is nearly 3 and Caleb has just turned 3. So we can compare their improvements or lack there of and get back to ya'll!


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weight gain

My neice was under weight when she was born and the doctor recommend adding Karo Syrup to her bottle. It's basically corn syrup. I hit the roof when I heard that as it is the worst of all sugars. We starting doing things like adding a half of an avacado to OJ and whipping it up in the blender. Same thing with walnuts and almonds. All good fats for the body & mind and definately helped her put on a few pounds. You can also add protein powders to anything they eat. If they are eating then they just might eat the avacado with their fingers it's soft so you don't have to worry about gagging or choking. The nuts might be to coarse for now but they can ground up and added to foods and beverages. They will never know. Keep playing classical music for them. Mozart. It stimulates the brain. Even if it's just a CD player you put under her bed and plays all night it will help on some level. Might help her sleep. Lastly, no sugar or TV before bed it stimulates the nervous system and makes it hard to relax. Maybe Epsom salt in her bath as Magnesium in Epsom salt is one of the greatest relaxers. I'm not a doctor just an over protective Aunty! Keep us all posted!!