Colorado Medical Clinic Welcomes Opportunity to Fight FDA in Court


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Please go to the ICMS section to get the latest information on the FDA lawsuit against Regenerative Sciences. If you are a new member or just a guest, the FDA is trying to shut Regenerative Sciences down. This lawsuit will have a major impact on the direction that autologous (our own) stem cells may be used in treatment in the U.S. For the millions of terminally and chronically ill patients in this country, it is their hope that they will be allowed the use of their own stem cells NOW and that the practice of medicine will continue to be between a patient and his or her doctor. The FDA has declared our own stem cells to be drugs and has entered into the practice of medicine by doing so.

Please become active and vocal on this issue. Post comments wherever and whenever you can when the issue comes up. Politicians are not saavy about adult stem cells and the lure of money lurks everywhere further distancing the reality of adult stem cell therapy in this country in the near future. Researchers and universities like the billions of research dollars awarded to them. Big Pharma wants a piece of the action and the FDA is trying to protect that. It's not about the sick and dying in this country, it's about the money, that is unless you are sick and dying. Most members on this forum are so we are fighting for treatment to save our lives and need the public's support.

Adult stem cells are a safe and effective method for many diseases. They are available NOW. There is no problem with rejection as they come from our own bodies and are returned to our own bodies. There is no moral or ethical problem with them. One would think this should be a no brainer to allow treatments and focus research on adult stem cells and in some countries this is the way it is, but in the U.S. we have become mired in a political drug war over who has control over our own bodies. Before you make any judgments, please ask yourself the following questions:

If you had a medical problem, would you call your doctor or a regulatory agency to help you? If you had a choice of invasive or non invasive treatment to save your life, which would you prefer? If you could be free of drugs for your illness or dependent on them forever, which would you prefer? Would you prefer to have treatment close to where you live or would you rather drag your sick and dying body around the world looking for treatment? Do you believe that your own stem cells belong to a political party?

I would love to see people post their answers to these questions.